Trouble Shooting Images
Online Image Solutions
1) Make sure the image is on your web server.
Before you check your code, be sure you have uploaded the image to your web server. Images are not sent automatically when you upload your web page. You will have to upload each image you want to use. Geocities, Tripod, and some other free home page servers allow you to look at the files you have on their server through your web browser. Check to see if the image file is listed. If not, upload it the same way you did your web page. It should show up on the list afterward. Some servers require you touse FTP to upload your files. If this is the case, you can look for the image file by connecting to the server with your FTP program and looking through the list of files in the "Remote Host" area. Again, if the file is not listed, upload it to the web server. Once you have the file on your web server, reload your web page in your web browser. If this fixes the problem, you are ready to go! If not, read on: There could be other problems as well.

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