Trouble Shooting Images
Images Problems
So, you have images on your page that just will not show up, and you are ready to have some choice words with your computer. You don't really want to mess up your computer, do you? Well, maybe this little guide will help you figure it out!

Let's start out by checking out what a broken image looks like in both browsers. In Netscape, you get the little grey paper with the bottom corner torn and some colorful shapes on it. In IE, you get a little white box with a red "x" inside of it.
Below is what they look like:

Broken pic
in PC
Broken Pic in Internet Explorer
Now, to get rid of these little symbols, we need to figure out what is causing the problem. Well, let's start with a web page that you have live on the web. We will work with pages that are offline a little later.

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