Spicing Up Your Homepage with Graphics Links
<IMG> Image
Images are defined in HTML document with the <IMG SRC=" "> tag. So, in order to insert an image file into the homepage,all you need to do is type in the full path name of the image file in the <IMG SRC=""> tag. You need to add the following lines into your HTML document. <IMG SRC="filename.images">
The tag will tell the browser to display an image called filename.gif. When you preview the webpage, the browser will try to get the image file and display it on the browser.
If the images are not in the same folder with the HTML document, you need to specify the full path of the images including the other folder's name. For example, if you put all the HTML document and the images file in the same folder, you just type in the filename of the images.
Please make sure the entire (?) filenames are the same because the server will not be able to find if the filenames do not match. (case sensitive)

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