Spicing Up Your Homepage with Graphics & Links
You can also add more Attribute just type in the attribute together with the tag. <IMG SRC=" " ALT=" "?>
SRC="" The source or path for the name of the image
ALT=" " The text that will be displayed if the browser doesn't support images
ALIGN=" " Determines the alignment of the image. (Value can be LEFT, RIGHT, CENTER, TOP, MIDDLE, BOTTOM, ABSMIDDLE, ASELINE, ABSBOTTOM
VSPACE=" " The space above or below the image
HSPACE=" " The space to the left or right of the image
WIDTH=" " The width of the image (In pixels)
HEIGHT=" " The height of the image (In pixels)
BORDER=" " The border of the image/font
LOWSRC=" " The path and the name of an image that will be loaded first before the image specified

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