Start from the beginning and work through HTML.

After you have collected and organized all the information you need to put in the web pages, the next thing you have to learn is how to create the web pages.

Spicing Up Your Home page with Graphics Links.

Adding tables to your home page can be complicated because several different tags are used.

After creating your web pages, you might want to enable visitors to your web pages to send personal information to you or to place their order with you through the Internet. At this stage, you need to learn how to create a form in your web page.

Designing a web page can be a lot of fun, but it can also be very intimidating. We'll help you tackle HTML, graphics, and everything else you need to learn to design good pages.

Have a broken image on your site? See if this can help you fix the problem!
Our own collection of fonts and links to other great collections.
~Tips of The Week ~
Using Colors in HTML
- DO NOT USE NETSCAPE'S COLOR WORDS! If you get lazy and indicate a color using a name such as BLUE, HONEYDEW, or FORESTGREEN, the odds are only Netscape viewers will enjoy your work. Some words are supported by Internet Explorer, and none are supported by NCSA Mosaic. There are of course even more browsers than those around. Why take away from your site?
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A warning. Read it and this can save you hours of debugging.

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