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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can previous winning schools of past WCDD contests still participate?
    Yes, whichever schools or individual that has won in the previous WCDD still can participate.

  • How long does the registration process take for each entry to get web hosting account?
    The registration takes 2 - 5 working days to process. Details on new Edu.Net web hosting account will be sent through email to the email address that stated in the application form.

  • Can application form still be acceptable without principal's signature and school's stamp?
    No, it is not acceptable. Application form is not valid without principal's signature and respective school's stamp. Submission of the form can be delivered directly, faxed or postal mail or emailed to KIT. If send through email, please scan and save in the pdf format.

  • When is the deadline to submit the registration form?
    It should be submitted on or before 26 May 2007.

  • Does local information web page design aim to promote attractive places or tourism in Sabah or specifically one place?
    The section of local information inclusive of a wide scope, in which contains of local attributes such as life style, culture, history and other aspects related to local community, local products or other relevant state/nation information.

  • Does the "Tempatan" (local) refers to an organization such as school or company, or a place like Kota Kinabalu or Kuala Lumpur, or it can be a state or country itself?
    If you are developing web site contains of school information, it should be under the section of best school homepage. But if it is about an extra activity of school, it should be under the section of local information web site. Meanwhile, if your web site content is about a company, it should be a local company in Malaysia.
    Yes, information can contain local information of places like KK, KL or any places in Malaysia.

  • Where can I get tips to design a better webpage?
    Please refer to our tips page here.

  • The 'Scope dictated by the Ministry of Education' means within SPM or PMR syllabus (such as SPM Sains, English and etc.)?
    Yes, as long as dictated by the Ministry of Education. For other examples can be "how to create web page", "English for Science and Technology" and so on.

  • How do I ensure that my uploaded final materials can be accessible from a web browser?
    Please ensure that the name of the default page in your final materials/directories should be index.htm or index.html. It is important to double check your final materials whether it can be accessible from a web browser by typing your given URL address Edu.Net web hosting account in the browser program.

  • How do we submit our design on local information webpage or courseware for this competition?
    You are required to upload all your completed materials files to your newly assigned Edu.Net web hosting account.

  • How do we upload files to Edu.Net web hosting account?
    FTP, Data and Applications Hosting (Web Hosting) guides are provided as follows:
    a) Uploading files using your browser: (http://www.sabah.net.my/manuals/ftp/ftp_browser.html)
    b) Uploading files using WS FTP 95 (http://www.sabah.net.my/manuals/ftp/ftp_wsftp95.html)
    c) Uploading files using MS-DOS (http://www.sabah.net.my/manuals/ftp/ftp-msdos.html)
    * In the event there is any difficulty faced on uploading, please contact KIT

  • What are the available features of Edu.Net web hosting servers?
    Please refer to guidelines page.

  • What is the size of the web hosting account?
    Each registered entry will be given one Edu.Net web hosting account with 100MB space. Please ensure that your size of completed materials is within the given limit.

  • When is the deadline for submission of completed materials?
    31 July 2007. Late submission will not be entertained.

  • Can I use Open Source Operating System (such as Linux, SUSE, FREEBSD, Open BSD, Mandrake, Caldera) to develop web page?
    Yes, you can use PHP to develop web page and as long as source code used is PHP 4.x.

  • Is Microsoft Access 2003 Database accepted as one of the database technology in the courseware?
    Microsoft Access 2003 is not provided.

  • Is there any certificate given for every participant in the competition?
    Yes, certificates will be given individually for every winner in the section of courseware design and local information. Participation certificate will be given to non-winners as well, except the best school homepage, certificate will only be given to the school. Winning and non-winning for the section of best school homepage will receive certificate respectively.

  • Will there be any charges incurred in the future for web hosting in Edu.Net?
    No service charges at this moment except if there is any major policy change in the future.

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