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First and foremost, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate my teacher, Mr. Ramesh and his team of students for putting up the school's hompage. This homepage serves to inform Ex-Michaleans and members of the public about St. Michael's School, it's past, present and future plans.

The past two years had seen St. Michael's School undergoing many drastic changes, in terms of administration, discipline, facilities, etc. In the dawn of the new millennium, St. Michael's School is striving towards grater innovative heights and progress. This homepage serves to inform you in the progress of the school, our needs and plans for the future. It symbolizes our readiness towards the fulfillment of our visions and missions in the new millennium.

We are committed to continuously improve the school's facilities to provide a better and more conducive teaching and learning environment. At the same time, our team of dedicated teachers have been striving tirelessly and presistently to upgrade the academic and co-curricular performance of the school. We believe in providing quality education enhanced with quality educational facilities, towards the betterment of our community.

St. Michael's School is now ready to face the challenges of the new Millennium. It is a task, which requires bold envisioning and strategic thinking. To transform our vision into a reality and to move ahead, we are open to new ideas and suggestions. We need you to be our partners, to work hand in hand with us in facing the challenges and fulfilling the aspirations of the people of Sandakan. Therefore, I am looking forward to your full support and generosity.

***All praise and glory to God for the 112 glorious years and more to come***

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