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Course Fees
Initial Fees
Reimbursement Scheme

Course Duration

6 months.

Who Should Attend

Only individuals who fulfilled the following requirements shall be considered for the course:-

  • A Malaysian Citizen
  • Not be less than 20 years of age
  • Minimum SRP Certificate or at least passed Form 3
  • Minimum working experience of not less than 3 years in handling and operating live electrical equipment.
  • Must be able to read and write in Bahasa Malaysia and English.
  • The course will be conducted in Bahasa Malaysia

[Note: A candidate with less than 3 years experience must ensure that he will have more than 3 years experience by the time he/she submits his/her application for the Suruhanjaya Tenaga Malaysia Examination in November 2002]

Resource Person

Ir. Sujan Singh Kalsi has more than 30 years experience in electrical Engineering. He was involved in various engineering departments in Sabah Electrical Board, Sabah Gas Industries and Sabah Energy Corporation and has trained over 70 electricians/technician for JBE (Jabatan Bekalan Eletrik) chargeman exams and restricted chargeman category for hotels, palm oil and timber industry. Ir. Sujan has been training since 1993.

Course Contents

Suruhanjaya Tenaga Malaysia - Sukatan Pelajaran (Syllabus) Bagi Penjaga Jentera

Sukatan Pelajaran Bagi Pejaga Jentera Sekatan AO
  • Akta Bekalan Elektrik 1990
  • Peraturan –peraturan Elektrik 1994 dan pindaan-pindaannya
  • IEE Wiring Regulations - 16th Edition
  • Sistem Pencegah Kebakaran.
  • Alat-alat Perlindungan Dalam Pemasangan Voltan Rendah
  • Elektrik Asas
  • Pengubah/transformer
  • Kabel
  • Kabel Bawah Tanah
  • Motor dan alat Kawalan
  • Bateri
  • Alatukur dan Alatuji
  • Pendingin Udara
  • Pemeriksaan Bagi Peralatan Papan Suis Utama
  • Pepasangan Pengguna (Consumer Installation)
  • Lampu Jalan

Safety at the Workplace

  • Introduction to (OSHA, JBE&G, FMA and others like BOMBA, DOE)
  • Safety Management Structure
  • Identification of Hazards (approaches)
  • Risk Management (Approach - JSA)
  • Risk Control (Hierarchy)
  • Prevention of Accidents
  • Safe Work Procedure
  • Accident Investigation & Reporting
  • Safety Auditing (Approach)
  • Emergencies Response
  • Causes of Electrical Shocks
  • Assessment (Part I - Multiple Choice & Part II - Subjective)