Understanding the eclipse of the Moon
Year 6
By: Junainah Jamaludin
SK Mawar Sandakan
Email: alianimanju @

Duration : 90 minutes
Theme :Investigating the Earth and the Universe
Learning Area :Eclipses
Learning Objectives :1.1 Understanding the eclipse of the Moon.
Learning Outcomes :i) State what eclipse of the Moon is?
  :ii) State the position of the Moon, the Earth and the
Sun during the eclipse of the Moon.
  :iii) Explain why eclipse of the Moon occurs
Science Process Skill :Observe, communicate
Activities: i) Use model to stimulate the movement of the Earth, the Moon and the Sun.
  ii) Use video or computer simulation about partial and total eclipse of the Moon.
  iii) Pupils answer the interactive questions that prepared by the teacher.


Junainah J/SK Mawar/2008