Kudat division.

       Kudat is located in  north of Sabah. Kudat Peninsula  provide the most interesting aspect of its area –the Rungus people, a sub group of the Dusun / Kadazan family still live in longhouse and hold to their traditional spiritual / animistic beliefs. They have managed to retain more of the old wzys than many of the other tribes. There are still thatched roofed longhouse only about 20 miles from Kudat. The architecture of their longhouse has adistinct outward leaning style and this is represented in the design of the State Museum

     They island of Banggi next to Balembangan holds a group of people not that closely related to other Borneon peoples. Altough they are often called the “Banggi Dusun”, the term Dusun is actually a misnomer.Their languages is in fact not even in the same family as the Dusunic Languages and they are still quite primitive.

     From Kudat it less than 4 hours drive back to KK and the bright lights.