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Hinava Ginapan

Ingredients :

1 Ib Fresh Prawn  (medium size)

1 cup of lime juice

4-5 red chilies (sliced)

6 cloves red onion (finely sliced)

2 tsp salt

Method :
Peel off the skin and prawn's head. Wash and clean it. Cut each prawn from head to tail. Place it inside a basin and marinate it with salt for a minute. Pour lime juice and add in the other ingredients. Leave for 10 minutes before serving.
Note : All ingredient used must be fresh and clean

History :

Hinava Ginapan is a traditional Sabahan food originated from the Kadazan's and Dusuns's.It is also mainly fish,but they also created a prawn version of the Hinava.This delicious food has been the favourite of many kadazanDusun's alike.

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