Place: Anywhere

Number of players: Unlimited      

Equipments: Your hands 


1.Firstly, all the players gather in a small circle.

2. Then, take out your hands and face your palm up (open) or face it down (close).

3. Basically, someone have to say, Lat-tali-lat-ta-li-tam-plom! While saying that, all the other have to twist their hand open, close, open, close¡­¡­until ¡® plom !¡¯ 

4. At this point, everyone must stop twisting and if your palm faces up or down.

5. If all the palm facing up is half of the number of people, then they are in one team. The rest ( palm¡¯s down) will be in the other.

6. Or, you can play the eliminating style, where the odd want will be out! Let¡¯s say, all palm¡¯s up and Yours is palm down, then you are considered out.