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..::Turtle's Legends in Sabah::..

Many, many years ago, there lived an old woman. This woman was well-liked in her village. She was very beautiful when she was young and had married a stranger from another village. She had a son. His name was Kumbir.
            When Kumbir was five years old, his father died. While he was walking in the forest a huge tree fell on him. This made Kumbir’s mother very sad. She had to work and support her son. She did work for the others and she also sewed clothes. In this way she brought up her son who became a young and handsome man.
            The woman worked very hard. At last, she became old and ill. However her son was of no use. He never did any work. Everyday he would go down the river. There he would disturb he girls who were washing clothes and bathing. He would waste his time with boys who did nothing useful. The mother often advised him but he never listened. She would even ask the chief to talk to the boy. However, all their efforts failed.

            One day Kumbir was walking in the jungle. He saw a young girl picking fruit from a tree. He stopped and talked to her.
            “I’ve never seen you before. Are you new to the village?”  he asked.
            “Yes, I am new to the village. My parents and I just moved to the village yesterday. We are staying opposite the chief’s house,” replied the girl. She then walked away.
            Kumbir liked the girl very much. He went to the jungle and met her there often. As time passed he fell in love with that girl and wanted to marry her.
            One day, an old friend met Kumbir’s mother. She asked him how her son was.
            “Where is your son? I am sure he must be a brave young man by now. Life should be much easier now than he has grown up.”
            “No,” the lady said sadly. “He has grown up, but he is more a burden than anything else. He refuses to do any work. He wastes his time with his friends,” she added. The friend was surprise to hear this. She was saddened too. The friend then said,”Let me try and talk to him. Perhaps he will listen to me.” She said this and left.
            When the friend saw the boy, she told him about his mother’s worries. The boy did not seem to listen. The friend went to the mother and suggested that should get married. The friend told the mother, “ I know a lot of young man who wasted their time doing nothing. After marriage, they became responsible.”
            That night the mother asked Kumbir, “ Son, I’ve something important to talk to you. Please come here. If you like any girl in the village, please let me know. I’ll get you married to her.”
            So the son said to the mother, “ I have met the girl in our village. She stays opposite the chief’s house. I want to marry this girl.”
            The mother was surprised to hear this. The next day, the mother went to see the girl’s family. The family liked Kumbir very much and agreed to the marriage. A few weeks later, the wedding was held. All the people in the village celebrated the wedding. Kumbir’s wife came to live with his mother. She never did any work in the house. All the work had to be done by Kumbir’s mother. Kumbir never took pity on his mother. He never told his wife to help his mother.

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