SMK Likas
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Thanks to Allah S.W.T because of Allah we have done a better homepage. Firstly we wan to introduce ourself. I am Ahmad Abid bin Amin, leader of this team...I am at the middle of the picture above and right to me is Mohd Asyraf bin Razali and left to me is Mohd Ar-Razee bin Abdul Ham.

We had made a consensus decision to participate in this competition to represent our school. We had choose a title of our homepage and finally we choose the biggest flower in the world as our title and it can be found at this state. None other it is Rafflesia..

In this site, you can get some information about history of Rafflesia, types of Rafflesia, pictures of Rafflesia, and Sabah Rafflesia.We hope you all will enjoy with this page!!! :)

sabah     history     my album