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Tourist Spots

Orang Utan Sanctuary
located at the virgin forest reserve in Sepilok, this is the one of the only tour orang utan sanctuaries in the world. It is accessible after a 25-km drive from Sandakan. Orphaned and injured Orang Utans are brought to Sepilok to be rehabilitated to return to forest life. These gentle great apes are very appealing. Trained orang utans may be cuddled for a memorable snapshot.

Gomantong Caves
situated at 32 km south of Sandakan, the marvelous Gomantong Caves are the home to hundreds of thousands of swifts. They build their nests high on cave walls and roofs. Twice a year, nest collectors come to the caves and climb on tall bamboo poles to collect the nests, which are considered a delicacy. Besides swifts, the caves are also inhabited by millions of bats, which have become a spectacular sight to many tourists.

Other Places of Interest
The forestry exhibition in Sandakan showcases the astounding variety of flowers and plants found in Sabah; the Sandakan Orchid House has a collection of rare orchids. Along the Labuk Road from Sandakan is a crocodile farm, housing about 1,000 crocodiles of various sizes.

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