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Gayang Seafood Restaurant Seafood
Gayang Seafood Restaurant

Here you can eat freash and live seafood with cheap prices. Thecook here have thier good experiance on cooking seafood. You can even order and pick some food on the menu or prepare as your taste. Just tell the chefs how is your taste, and they will cook it for you. About the good things here is the seafood is very freash, because it is still alive in aquarium. The food that you can order there is such as
Lobster, Fish, crab, freash oyster and more. You can tell the chef to cook by the way you like.

You can tell the chef to cook whatever taste you like.
The local fish growing area that can be found near by the Gayang Seafood restaurant. The seafood that served in the restaurant is obtained from here.

The Seafood that you can eat at Gayang Seafood restaurant.