Adding Final Touches to Web Page
After creating your webpages, you might want to enable visitors to your webpages to send personal information to you or to place their order with you through the Internet. At this stage, you need to learn how to create a form in your webpage.

<FORM> Form
A FORM tag is used in an HTML document just like any other tag. It has a start tag FORM> and an end tag /FORM>.

A FORM tag is structured like this:
<I>Form Elements</I>


To tell the browser what the form will do; either send information back to the server or try to get information from the server. (Values are POST and GET)

This is used if the user doesn't need to send any information back. (Feedback form, Order form, Survey form)

The user expects to receive some information. (Search Machine, Online Applications such as Calculator, Games, etc.)

This tells the browser where the URL that contain the query program or server to which the contents of the form that return will be sent to. (Normally, you need to create a CGI program in order to interpret the data that obtained from the webpages)

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