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When your table is displayed, it will show two rows for the cell you have added ROWSPAN to. Here is an example of ROWSPAN applied to basketball information.

Spanning Multiple Rows
As you using tables more often, you'll occasionally find situations where you wish your information could span multiple rows. That is when the ROWSPAN tag comes into use.

ROWSPAN is a special keyword that you add to the <TD> tag for a specific cell. To have cell span two columns instead of the default 1, instead of using <TD> Your cells text here </TD>,
try this:
TD ROWSPAN=2> Your Extended text here

<TH>Player Name</TH>
< TH>Team </TH>
<TH> Win / Loss </TH>
; </TR>
<TD> <ROWSPAN=2>Sabah Net </TD>
<TD>16-2 </TD>
<TD> BBB </TD>
<TD>19-2 </TD>
<TD> XYZ Co. </TD>
<TD>10-2 </TD>
Player Name Team Win / Loss
AAA Sabah Net 16-2
BBB 19-2
DDD XYZ Co 10-2

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