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<TABLE> Table
Adding tables to your homepage can be complicated because several different tags are used. There is a <TABLE> and </TABLE> surround the entire which enclose the entire table, and several others tags to define how information should appear. See below for a complete description of table tags.
<TABLE> and </TABLE> This tag will tell the browser to expect the
other table tags listed below. Add the word BORDER if you want the grid to appear.
<CAPTION> and </CAPTION> The text within these tags serves as the table's explanatory caption.
<TH> and </TH> Slightly enlarges and bolds the text to serve as headers. Identifies the row of the table.
<TR> and </TR> These tags define the table's rows
< TD>and < /TD> These tags surround the text that should go into each cell in the table.
Adding all those tags up makes it confusing to create a multi-row table if you are not careful.
Example 1
<TR> <!--Started first row -->
<TH>Header 1</TH> < !-- First Column -->
<TH>Header 2</TH> < !-- Second Column -->
</TR> < !-- End first row -->
</TR> <!--Started second row -->
< TD>Data 1 </TD> < !-- First Column -->
< TD>Data 2 < /TD> <!--Second Column -->
</TR> <!--End second row -->
For documentation purpose, you can enclose your comments in the < !-- and --> tags. The browser will not display anything within these tags.
The result will look like this: Table Caption
Header 1 Header 2
Data 1 Data 2
<TD>Row 1 Data 1 </TD>
<TD>Row 1 Data 2 </TD>

<TD> Row 2 Data 1 </TD>
<TD>Row 2 Data 2 </TD>


Example 2
The result will look like this:
Row 1 Data 1 Row 1 Data 2
Row 2 Data 1 Row 2 Data 2
BORDER=" " This determines the thickness of the border of the table
WIDTH=" " This specifies the width for the table.
(In pixels)
HEIGHT=" " This specifies the height for the table.
(In pixels)
BGCOLOR= " " This determines the color of the table

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