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The Dead Crow

A. Samad Said

A. Samad Said was born in 1935 in Malacca. He completed
his education in Singapore, which was still part of Malaya then.
At a very young age, he enjoyed reading English novels and adventure stories.

His interest in writing  began when he worked as an editor
at Utusan Melayu, a Malay-language newspaper. From 1954,
he wrote and published many short stories dealing with Malay
society and national issues. It has been said that A. Samad Said
got many ideas for his stories by observing people and things while
riding the bus or standing on street corners.

Salina, his first novel, won him the S.E.A Writer’s Award in 1979.
Other honours include the National Literary Award in 1985 and
the ASEAN Award in 1993. Many of A. Samad Said’s works have
been translated into English, among the poem The Dead Crow.


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